Graveyard, Kabelvåg - Lofoten


The beech marten


I truly felt this damn


Sister Apple from Red Sister by Mark Lawrence


Warped Galerie – Vidaloca

4 Warped Galerie - VidalocaModel4u - hair Marie Ausina (ausina.marie) - makeup Audrey Pech - stylist Droops Creation Fanpage


Fingolfin (by Martha Arkoniel) was a High King of the Noldor in Beleriand, eldest son of Finwë and Indis and younger half-brother of Fëanor.


Yes, that blurred object in the copper's hand is a night-stick. Those women paid dearly for their cause, so no woman should ever forget to vote.


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Limited angel art photo angel modern angel


Rey Cosplay Costume Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi


26 Geschenke mit großer Bedeutung, die Du Deinen Kindern machen kannst

Eine Stammbaum-Tafel. | 26 Geschenke mit großer Bedeutung, die Du Deinen Kindern machen kannst


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They took care of themselves too well and made themselves look too good! �


Selamat malam


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FREE — The AfroMystic #ancestors Hoodoo Conjure Ancestor Prayer


Please. I live in the Philippines and had Philippine history as a subject for more than 6 years and yet, even we weren't taught about the monstrosity the Americans did to our ancestors. They're praised instead for saving us from the Spaniards. It wasn't until last year (11th grade) that I knew the truth.


i am who they were, 2011, necklace by ashley gilreath, created by casting dollhouse frames in silver and bronze and printing family portraits directly onto microscope glass #art #design #jewellery #ashleygilreath #necklace #fashion #family


It's a Man's World: Bild

It's a Man's World


Intervallfasten 16:8 ist eine beliebte Ernährung, die zum Abnehmen und für maximale Gesundheit eingesetzt wird. Hier findest du unsere Anfänger Anleitung.


Scottish origins - Orkneys = Norse. Spence/MacDuff - Norse. Murchison/MacKenzie = Scots-Highlanders


Ethnicraft Ancestors Burung Cupboard Eiche - Vitrine Die Schränke vermitteln ein mysteriöses und verwunschenes Gefühl. Das massive Eichenholz wurde dunkel eingefärbt, um diese spezielle Stimmung zu erzeugen. Design: Ethnicraft


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Questo lato della verità & We Are The Hollow Men by Davide Cambria


*Presses the button and wakes up in dream bed, home, street, town, city, state, country, planet, universe! Ok my world is like earth but better and everyone on this earth is still on this earth, I just moved to a different planet or my ancestors did. To much to say so BYEEEEEEEE!


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Lux and Nox


Propnomicon: November 2011


~Mew is the ancestor to Espeon~ | Pokémon Amino



Pisces but not creative at all, sadly xD ️


The Wombat Resists on Twitter

“This is a goat with divine ancestors.”