Friendship Bracelet Patterns - 14 DIY Tutorials To Do At Home or On The Go

Friendship bracelet patterns were a staple of growing up in the 90s - bring this retro craft back by following these tutorials. Learn how to make the cutest ones!


Heart Bracelet Chart

A heart bracelet chart for experienced friendship bracelet makers. Also has a link back to the beginners step by step version.




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Normal Pattern #27414 |


Normal Friendship Bracelet Pattern #10306 -



Friendship bracelet pattern 5026 by Escher #friendship #bracelet #wristband #cra




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Friendship Bracelet - Rainbow

- Patterns styles are numbered from left to right. - If you request a customized bracelet, specify the 5 colors you would like. Also specify shades of color. (Example: light blue, black, dark pink, purple, white)



Normal Pattern #17386 Variation #5199Normal Pattern #17386 |


Micro-macrame friendship bracelet photo tutorial Macramee




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Hecha Más


Want it in a blue to green gradient for the colored part Still want the black


Normal Pattern #9987 added by rdveitch94


Bracelet Book pattern #26130