How to Make Soap on a Rope (Melt & Pour)

Learn how to make soap on a rope with melt and pour soap base. It's easy & fun!


Exfoliating Foot Scrub with Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil & Lavender - Dr. Axe

Ingredients 1 cup of sea salt   1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon coconut oil 5 drops tea tree oil 5 drops peppermint essential oil 5 drops lavender essential oil Foot Scrub Instructions Tired and achy feet are common complaints, especially for those who have jobs that required standing all day. One of my favorite ways... Read more »


Matcha Green Tea & Goat’s Milk Soap with Essential Oils - Reuse Grow Enjoy

Looking to try your hand at soap making? This is an easy one to start with! Check out this DIY for Matcha Green Tea & Goat’s Milk Soap with Essential Oils.


Flaxseed Soap With Orange is an Easy Soap Making Project

If you're looking for an easy soap making recipe, you really need to try this orange flaxseed soap tutorial. It's one of my favorites.


How to Naturally Color Soap with Plants, Roots, and Clays...Natural Soap Coloring Techniques — All Posts Healing Harvest Homestead

When I first began making soap, I was just concerned about the soap lathering, moisturizing, and being natural. Toxic chemical-free soap was my number one objective. As I got better at soap making, though, my creative side took over, and I decided to begin experimenting with different


Fluffige Knetseife selber machen | DIY Knet-Seife Geschenk selbstgemacht | chestnut!

Knetseife selber machen - DIY Knet Seife - Waschknete basteln mit Kindern - Geschenkideen - Geschenke Weihnachten - Wichtelgeschenke


25 Homemade Soap Recipes That Are Easier Than You Think - Craftsonfire

The more I read about how good homemade soaps are, the more convinced I become that I should start making my very own to use soon. Recently, I’ve been learning a lot about how commercial soaps are packed with so many chemicals and things that can be very harmful to your skin. It’s actually true… Read More »25 Homemade Soap Recipes That Are Easier Than You Think


Honey & Oatmeal Soap (great for sensitive skin!)

If you are looking for a gentle soap that is great for sensitive skin you will love this honey and oatmeal soap! This homemade soap is super simple and easy to make!


10 Common Soap Making Mistakes (Troubleshooting Soap Making Problems) — All Posts Healing Harvest Homestead

Here are ten common mistakes people often make in their soap making endeavors. Find out what they are and how to fix the problem! Sometimes you can even save a batch of soap! I decided I'd better write this post because in the past week alone, I have had two different friends call me asking why th


Antibakterielle Seife selber machen - Seifen-Rezept & Anleitung

Seife herstellen - Seifen-Rezept: Antibakterielle Seife selber machen - sie bietet wirksamen Schutz gegen Bakterien, Viren und Pilze ...


Seifenblasen selber machen

Was es bringt, nach unserer Anleitung Seifenblasen selbst zu machen? Seifenblasen zu machen, bringt einfach großen Spaß! Wir liefern das Rezept mit Foto...


Epsom Salt Soap for Sore Muscle Relief

For the past few weeks I've been super busy. Not in the fun, making lots of tutorials busy but in the carting a sick cat around to multiple vets (seriously, 3 in as few weeks) kind of a way. My kitty Marla went to have an ultrasound a little over an hour's drive away from home and the vet she saw said that she needed to have her kidney removed. Unfortunately for all of us he has his own surgery going down and was unable to do the removal. But another vet another hour away could do the surgery and Miss was scheduled to have a kidney removed earlier this week. Fab, right? But then the new vet had his own emergency and we have been rescheduled for next week. And until she gets this surgery, which will make her feel so much better, I've got to go to certain lengths to make sure she's taken care of. She's having a hard time eating and has lost tons of weight and needs to take in lots and lots of water because she has only 1 functioning kidney. So 3-4 times a day I blend up canned cat food and distilled water or kitten milk to serve up to her. She doesn't want to eat because she feels poorly and she hangs out under the master bed these days, so I scoot around on my hands and knees with this short broom thing because I know that if I can push it in front of her face and, hopefully maybe even get some on her nose for her to lick off, that she will almost always take that little dish of fish smelling milkshake looking awfulness clean out. Then I have to lay around rubbing my fingers together with my face shoved under the bed to convince my girl to come over so I can give Miss pain meds twice a day, an unfortunate thing but necessary until she can finally have her surgery. And then I have to wash her bedding, almost daily, because the medication makes her groggy and she has accidents in her sleep. The whole thing is just so sad but a healthier Marla is just around the corner once we get through all of this business :) I made some happy #emoji #catnip stuffed cat toys for my kitties since they seem to be digging their new Meow Mix food so much. Read all about it and get the tutorial and patterns to make some for your kitty cats! ‪#‎ClubMeowMix‬ ‪#‎ad‬ . . . #tabbymarla #tabby #tabbycat #graycat #graytabby #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #cutecatcrew #catoftheday #igcatjunky #ilovemycats #craft #crafts #calledtobecreative #makersgonnamake #iamcreative #dalb #dreamalittlebiggerblog #craftblogger A post shared by Dream a Little Bigger (@dreamalittlebiggerblog) on Apr 13, 2016 at 7:21am PDT I've been given a hard time about how ridiculous all of this has been but I don't believe in 'just a' anything when it's something (or someone) who matters very much to you. Marla isn't 'just a cat', she's my little fuzzy baby and I'll crawl around on that floor 5 times a day every day until I can get her fixed :) Unfortunately, and finally to the point for this project, for me it means my body is achy and awful because I'm not built for crawling around and jamming myself underneath Hollywood bed frames. And since I simply do not have the time for a nice soak in the tub, I decided to make a soothing Epsom salt soap bar so that I can get some relief even with a quickie shower. These amazing little bath bars and a hot shower are seriously going to help wash your aches and pains away. Trust me. I LOVE these things! Want to whip up some homemade help for sore muscles? For this project you will need: Epsom salt Melt and pour soap base (I used clear glycerine and goat's milk bases) Soap colorant Essential or scented oil (I used a the beachy Ocean Breeze fragrance oil from this Summer set) Spray alcohol Simple bar soap molds Melt your melt a clear soap base according to package directions and add soap colorant and scented oil. I added teal colorant and a lovely, beachy Ocean Breeze scented oil. To save some cha-ching on oils allow the base to cool. The hotter the melted soap is the more of the scent that will burn off. Okay, so I totally used the WRONG SALT for this project because in my haste while making the tutorial I grabbed the wrong bag. Womp, womp. But with the power of Photoshop can pretend like I got it right! Hahaha! :) Now, if you don't get the right stuff it will still work, as in it will make soap bars that are super pretty, it just won't do a darn bit of good for sore muscles AND the salt sort of dissolves as you make contact with it so it doesn't exfoliate, either, so in the case of the wrong salt it's for looks only. Now you're going to add a LOT of salt to the bars. You want your liquid base to be super slushy with the stuff but you need enough liquid soap that it can still move around freely when you stir. It's so seriously like a Slush Puppy consistency. Remember those? Should you get too much salt in the mix and you find you're having a hard time you can always add more soap base and toss the whole business in the microwave. You're going to lose some of your salt crystals this way, but it will work better in the end. While still liquid pour the salty soap into the bottom of your molds and allow a good 10 minutes at room temperature to begin setting up. Once the soap is no longer super hot, but while still malleable, push the salt mixture to pack it into the mold as tightly as you can. For a fun, almost natural stone-like look, go around and push


Seifen-Upcycling: Confetti-Soap aus Seifenresten - Feinseiferei - Handgemachte Seifenliebe


How to start making soap when you're on a tight budget

How to start making soap when you're on a tight budget


If you want to try something new this year, these breathtakingly easy-to-make DIY Halloween decorations will help you! Since we recently introduced candle making dye, we thought you’d enjoy these creative ideas that you can do with your kids! IDEAS Skull and Bones Rotting Corpse Scarecrow Spider Nest Haunted Specter Mirror Floating Witch’s Hat … 31 Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations with your Kids Read More »


29 DIY Fun and Colorful Melt and Pour Soaps

Check out these gorgeous, unique and colorful melt and pour soaps that even a beginner can make with these 29 easy to follow tutorials!Over the past few years, some of my absolute favorite projects I've done here on the blog have been DIY soaps and for good reason... soap making can be very easy, even for the most beginner soap maker out there. And there's nothing like trying your hand at a craft for the very first time and coming back with stellar results, right?And what in the world is more fabulous than making something that actually gets used. Now I know as makers we hope that the things we make actually get used but I've seen my handmade creations at the back of the closet of the recipient a few times to know that when it comes to things like home decor, sometimes despite best intentions and bombtastic results it still isn't a perfect fit for somebody else's home.Soap always gets used. Seriously... always. I've given away lots of bars to friends and family and sometimes they get so much they carry them off to work where their co-workers will help to make quick work of my DIY creations. And THAT is seriously satisfying.If you're looking something a little MORE than just a plain old melt and pour soap bar, but is still totally doable without tons and tons of DIY soaping skills, look no further. I've rounded up tutorials for 29 of my most favorite, fun, and colorful melt and pour soaps.PINNING HAS BEEN TURNED OFF FOR ALL IMAGES BELOW. PLEASE BE KIND AND CLICK THROUGH TO THESE AMAZING PROJECTS AND PIN THEM FROM THEIR ORIGINAL SOURCE. IT’S AN EASY WAY TO SAY THANKS TO THESE AMAZING MAKERS AND ALL OF THEIR HARD WORK!Dragonfruit Soap Popsicles by A Beautiful MessLily & Rain Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial by Soap QueenRainbow Soap Tutorial by Dream A Little BiggerStar Studded Unicorn Soap by Kailo Chic Life15 Minute DIY Watermelon Soap by Happiness Is HomemadeCosmic Cotton Candy Soap by Soap QueenDIY Rose Petal Soaps by Everyday MineralsIced Animal Cookie Soaps by Kailo Chic LifeSeascape Melt & Pour Soaps by Soap Queen (this one is a little more challenging but still looks doable!)How to Make Soap Petals by Everything PrettyGeode Crystal Soaps by Dream a Little BiggerOatmeal And Shea Butter DIY Soap With Inserts by Momma Makes JoyEasy DIY LEGO Soaps by Our Kid ThingsDIY Donut Scented Soaps by Happiness Is HomemadeEssential Oil Pink Grapefruit Soap by Happiest CamperGeode Rock Soaps by Soap Deli NewsAgate Spin Swirl Soap Tutorial by Soap QueenChocolate Truffle Soaps by Dream a Little BiggerVanilla Mint Soap Recipe by Beauty CrafterMermaid Soaps by Soap Deli NewsDIY Confetti Filled Soap by Kailo Chic LifeDIY Glitter Galaxy Unicorn Soap by Soap Deli NewsDIY Succulent Terrarium Soaps by Dream a Little BiggerDIY Ombre Mermaid Soap by Some of This and ThatWatermelon Layered Soap by A Pumpkin And A PrincessGrenade Soap on a Rope by Beauty CrafterVanilla Chamomile Soap by A Pumpkin and a PrincessBirthday Cake Soap by Studio DIY


Vanilla & Lavender Soap Recipe Using Melt and Pour

This homemade vanilla & lavender soap recipe using melt and pour is super simple to make. Follow these step by step instructions to learn how.


Milk Soaps - Storey Publishing

Handmade soap is made extra-special with the addition of milk! Soaps enriched with milk are creamier than those made with water, and milk’s natural oils provide skin-renewing moisture and nourishment. In Milk Soaps, expert soapmaker Anne-Marie Faiola, author of Pure Soapmaking and Soap Crafting, demystifies the process with step-by-step techniques and 35 recipes for making soaps that are both beautiful and useful. She explains the keys to success in using a wide range of milk types, including cow, goat, and even camel milk, along with nut and grain milks such as almond, coconut, hemp, rice, and more. Photographs show soapmakers of all levels how to achieve a variety of distinctive color and shape effects, including funnels, swirls, layers, and insets. For beginners and experts alike, this focused guide to making milk-enriched soaps offers an opportunity to expand their soapmaking skills in new and exciting ways.


Homemade Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bars

Learn how to make your own homemade rosemary mint shampoo bars with a recipe from The Nerdy Farm Wife's Natural Soap Making eBook!


DIY Exfoliating Loofah Soaps


Essential Oil Soap Recipe for Men

This essential oil soap recipe for men provides a woodsy, spicy scent that men will love. This recipe makes the perfect DIY gift for the men in your life!


Fluffige Knetseife selber machen | DIY Knet-Seife Geschenk selbstgemacht | chestnut!

Knetseife selber machen - DIY Knet Seife - Waschknete basteln mit Kindern - Geschenkideen - Geschenke Weihnachten - Wichtelgeschenke


Handmade Soap with activated charcoal. #handmadesoap #naturalsoap #aktivkohle #seifeselbermachen #diy #soapdesign #naturseife #organicsoap


Exfoliating Soap Bars

Exfoliating Soap Bars: Making soap for the first time looks difficult... Melt and pour soap-making requires simple skills that is a great option for beginners, all you have to do is melt the pre-made base and customize it. Here I will share 5 recipes of Exfoliating Soap...


Homemade Soap | DIY | DIY Soap | Crafts | Gifts | Lavender Soap | Honey Oatmeal Soap | Shea Butter Soap | Easy | DowdyDIY


Kleiner Seifen-Crashkurs: Seifenrezepte verstehen & ausrechnen


9 soap making tips to help you succeed!

Soap making isn’t hard and should definitely not be stressful. Here are some handy hints to turn your soap making journey into a fun and successful one!


DIY Seife selber machen – DIY Geschenk | ars textura - DIY-Blog

Seife selber machen ist ganz einfach! Lass dich von meinen Ideen inspirieren und gestalte deine eigene Seife. Selbstgemachte Seife ist ein tolles DIY-Geschenk zu Weihnachten oder zum Geburtstag. Mit meiner Video-Anleitung gelingt sie dir ganz sicher. Viel Spaß beim Selbermachen und Verschenken!


Sugar Soap Scrub Bars with Essential Oils

DIY sugar soap scrub bars are made with sugar, soap, a vegetable butter, and essential oils. Use this lovely homemade scrub bar on the entire body.


34 Spektakuläre DIY Seifenrezepte - Diy 2020